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E-Bikes-It's you, only faster. At Peachtree Bikes, we sell all styles of e-bikes from mountain to road to active styles from Specialized and Electra. Every e-bike we sell includes our Ride. Membership, which includes a lifetime of no charge basic tune ups, a free baseline fit, & a 30-day test ride period.

Specialized Turbo e-Bikes

Our Turbo e-bikes are built around the concept of “It's you, only faster.” So, no matter if you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, we customize our bikes and E-Bike Technology to the ride experience. This way, you get a seamless, authentic experience, just with a little extra oomph. And while there are a host of things that set the technology of our Turbos apart from the crowd, if you want to get up-close and personal with some of its truly differentiating hallmarks, it's time you met our motors.

They're the quietest, smoothest, and most powerful bottom bracket motors in the world. To achieve this, they utilize integrated belt drives that take the edge off the planetary gear, while built-in freewheels ensure an elimination of resistance when you're riding above the legal speed limit. But their compact, lightweight designs also benefit from a healthy dose of intelligence.  The more power that you apply, the more power our motors put out. It's not a one-trick-pony, though, as the algorithm also senses speed and cadence. And ultimately, this plays a huge part of the greater picture: Customization over the motor characteristics.



The electric bike revolution is here to stay and we couldn’t be more psyched about it. Anything that gets people out on two wheels more often is great in our book. Electra’s signature style and comfort, paired with the power of a pedal-assist motor is a match made in heaven. Or San Diego, which is pretty close.

The Hydrive pedal-assist system with a 250W rear hub motor lets you take on hills and tackle longer distances without breaking a sweat. With a global reputation for performance and reliability, the Bosch pedal-assist motors on our e-bikes provide various levels of support from Eco to Turbo.  

Scott e-Bikes

If you are looking for all the advantage of cycling but with a little extra assistance, our electric bikes are made for you. Our range extends from electric mountain bikes, trekking e-bikes, hybrid electric bikes to urban electric bikes. There are models for men, women and even kids. You will definitely find the perfect bike for your needs. Time to go further and easier.