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Ride. Membership.

At Peachtree Bikes, every bike purchase comes with a lifetime Ride Membership. Each membership includes everything you need to get riding & to keep your bike in top shape.

What's Included:

  • Lifetime of Free Basic Tune Up
    • What We Do:
      1. Pre-Ride Inspection
      2. Derailleur Adjustments
      3. Brake Adjustments
      4. Chain Lubrication
      5. Torque Inspection
      6. Tire/Tube Inspection
      7. While You Wait. Most times we'll be able to preform your Basic Tune Up while you wait!
  • 30-Day Test Ride
    • Every bike purchased from Peachtree Bikes includes a 30-day test ride guarantee. Not completely satisfied with your purchase? Bring it back to us & we'll make it right. Want to trade up? No problem, we can do that too.
  • Free Baseline Fit
    • Every bike purchased from Peachtree Bikes also includes a free baseline fit. That will ensure your bike size is accurate & each adjustment is made correctly to fit your geometry, desired comfort level, & riding style.
  • Priority Service
    • When you purchase your bike at Peachtree Bikes and need service, we automatically put your request at the front of the line. We'll do everything we can to get you riding, in top shape, as soon as possible.
    • While You Wait Service.

Already a member? Contact us to schedule your no charge bike tune-up today.